Gold Medal Ninja


ME vs ME...

Ninja has quickly become one of the fastest growing sports across the country for kids and adults. Ninja is a workout that combines strength and discipline with intense physical activity.  With our courses designed to be challenging and rewarding that create endless fun and enjoyment.

Calling all Ninja Warriors!.....

Gold Medal Ninja

Encompassing the mentality of ME vs ME, ninja's are encouraged to push themselves to their physical limits while embracing the mental challenges of overcoming difficulty.  Gold Medal Ninja provides and atmosphere that challenges while encouraging and teaching athletes to persevere.  The ME vs ME approach offers athletes the opportunity to overcome any fears and struggles, leading to strong and confident kids.

Gold Medal Ninja footwear required for all participants and purchased with class enrollment/registration.

Ninja's will be introduced to age appropriate beginner level training on:

  • Ninja Rig Course and Obstacles
  • Parkour Circuits
  • Rock Climbing wall
  • Warped wall
  • Strength and Fitness
  • ...and more!
Level Ages Start Date Duration
Mini 4 - 5 years COMING SOON! 45 Minutes
Red 5 - 7 years Begins 6/7/2021 55 Minutes
White 8 - 10 years Begins 6/7/2021 55 Minutes
Black 11 - 14 years Begins 6/7/2021 55 Minutes

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